BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Several area restaurants and establishments serving food were closed this month for violating Baltimore city health department codes.

Kalliopi Giorgakis a food cart was closed on May 2 for “no hot & cold water on premise” and has since to reopen.

The CVS at 2504 N. Charles Street was closed on May 6 for “repeat violation of heavy rodent infestation and unsanitary conditions in upstairs storage room.”  It reopened a day later.

Sun Hing, a Chinese takeout on Light Street, was closed for “unsanitary Conditions, cold holding issues, contaminated food” on May 6. It was reopened on May 16.

A Hot Dog cart at 330 S. Calhoun Sreet was closed May 7 “unapproved foods, adulterated foods, improper cold holding and no water on cart.” It was reopened on May 14.

Lena’s Ice Cream & Cupcakes on East Pratt Street was closed on May 8 for “no handwashing, improper cold holding, insect infestation, rodent infestation, general unsanitary conditions.” It was reopened May 15.

Fisherman’s Wharf Inner Harbor was closed on May 9 for unsanitary conditions. It was reopened May 10.

Stoko’s Restaurant at 5631 Harford Road was closed on May 14 for “improper cold holding and inadequate refrigeration.” It has not reopened as of May 20.

Last month the Mr. Tasty Ice Cream Truck which serves the Patterson Park area was closed for a day on April 24 due to “no water, improper cold holding, no handwashing.”

Sangria at 930 N. Charles Street was also closed for a day on April 27 for “unsanitary conditions, grease trap not properly hooked up, grease emptying into sump pump, acoustical ceiling tiles within the food prep and utensil washing area.”

See a full list of the establishments closed this year on the city health department’s website.


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