BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore Police Department Commissioner Michael Harrison announced two new Deputy Commissioners on Tuesday, rounding out his executive team.

Michelle Wilson will become Deputy Commissioner of the Public Integrity Bureau, and Michael Sullivan will become Deputy Commissioner of Operations. They will begin their new roles on June 10.

“Certainly it has been a challenge,” Harrison said. “What I can tell you is that, in spite of it all, what you see here before you represents people who want to be here and who want to be part of the solution.”

Willson will be the department’s second female deputy commissioner and the first African-American female.

Wilson comes from the Maryland Attorney General’s Office where she was Assistant Attorney General.

Michelle Wilson No Longer Joining Baltimore Police Department

“I think it is critically important that we have public trust,” Wilson said. “That they need to know that they can come to us with any complaints, any issues and that it will be investigated to its fullest extent.”

Wilson spent 10 years as a city prosecutor before leaving 3 1/2 years ago. Recently. she testified her former boss — City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby — lied under oath at a civil trial.

Harrison also announced his new Deputy of Operations on Tuesday. Sullivan will join the department from Louisville where he was Deputy Chief of Police.

“I can say that he is quite sought after around this department and could be a chief anywhere, but he made the decision to join our team,” Harrison said.

Sulivan stressed public trust as a priority for the department.

“That means holding police accountable when the situations arise and I believe I’ve done that in my past and I’ll do it in the future,” Sullivan said.

This leadership announcement comes amid a rise of violence in west Baltimore, where the majority of homicides have occurred this month.

Police announced this week a surge of officers in the western district with two additional sergeants and between 16 and 30 more officers from specialized units.

Paul Gessler

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  1. Tickedoff Person says:

    Is Field Marshal Harrison going top pay for the two HIGH PRICE assistance out of his pocket? Wilson called out did that work out? Mosby is still here. So much for Wilson’s track record. We get a lawyer playing police. Sullivan, why would someone leave a job for this spot? Sow Me The Money..that’s why. He is no different than those before. I’m telling you this Harrison is running a scam on us. At least he didn’t introduce them as …this is my brother Daryl and my other brother Daryl.

  2. OH BOY!! When you think you might get around to doing something about about the out of control violent crime, murders and drugs and roving gangs of hoodrats in this city?? Since you blew into town with you favorite buddies not one thing has changed as far as the violence! What has changed is this city is paying top dollar for an PR person, FYI ZERO results against the violence speaks for itself, just watch the news the bodies are still piling up daily!

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