By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — How goes it today? It goes pretty good in the weather department as we are, after yesterday’s dose of late Summer, back to Spring. Sunny, a gentle breeze, and temps actually on the seasonally cool side in the low 70’s. (The normal daytime high is 75° today, 76° tomorrow.)

A few times every season there is a period of calm where the weather seems to be on cruise control, and this is one of them. Generally sunny with just a slight temperature roller coaster from seasonally cool to seasonal to seasonally mild. We don’t blow torch until Monday with a high, then, of near 90°.

It needs to be noted that “tropical season” has begun. Well out to sea we have our first named storm “Andrea.” South of Bermuda she will be forced East by the cold front that passed by us yesterday, and reinforced by a big dome of high pressure that is over us now. A real non-event but IT, being “that season”, has started.

But for now, weather life in the Mid-Atlantic is good.  Carry on!



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