BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It has been difficult to navigate through Towson lately as construction continues to arise everywhere.

“It’s nuts, there are eight cranes, four huge construction sites,” Brian Recher said.

There are more cranes in Towson than there are in Baltimore City right now and it shows as concrete is dropping out of the sky, lumber swinging into place and the skyline being transformed.

Recher’s family owns four businesses in uptown Towson. When he looks down the street at Towson University, two cranes hang over the new science building. The University also broke ground for a new student dormitory.

In uptown Towson near the circle, 400 apartments are being installed, and there is more construction happening across from the library. It’s a billion-dollar boom.

“The more feet you have on the street the better off it is,” Nancy Hafford, of the Chamber of Commerce, said. “That keeps the brick and mortars alive and thriving.”

The leader of the chamber said that when all of this is open all the additional people walking around Towson means that retail will thrive and the heartbeat of the town will change.

“It’s a beautiful thing. I love it, I really do. It’s just great for Towson,” Recher said.

While construction is happening now, some of the projects won’t be done until next year and beyond.