By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Another really nice day on tap. Yesterday was 72° at the airport, 73° at the Science Center. Today a bit warmer with an expected high of 75°. And that is, as we discussed yesterday, another day in this fairly calm run of weather that will take us through the holiday weekend. But let’s discuss why I threw in that word “fairly.”

We are starting to get some indication that a gusty thunderstorm or two tomorrow may be a greater threat than it was in the forecast yesterday. At this point a small area of “enhanced chance” of severe weather extends just below the Mason-Dixon line into the upper part of Carroll, Baltimore, and Harford Counties. The entire state still remains under a ‘slight” or “marginal risk” as was put in place yesterday by the Storm Prediction Center. Something we will stay on point about.

Now beyond that “fairly” part of the holiday weekend outlook we are still making our weekend plans back in the weather center and so should you. Three Summer holiday weekends, and right now we look to be 1 for 1.