BALTIMORE (WJZ)- The Orioles pitching staff may want to think about pitching around New York Yankees shortstop Gleyber Torres. The 22-year-old hit two more massive home runs on Wednesday night, leading the Yankees to a 7-5 win, and upping his home run total to 10 this year against the Orioles.

Yes, you read that correctly. In 11 games so far this season between the two teams, Torres has 10 homers. He has 12 total on the season. Torres’ mashing of O’s pitching has left even veteran play by play man Gary Thorne at a loss for words.

While the Orioles haven’t exactly been good at preventing home runs this season, (they became the fastest team in MLB history to give up 100 home runs in their 11-4 loss to the New York Yankees on Tuesday night) this kind of dominance over a staff by one player is mind boggling.

Consider this: With eight games left to be played between the two squads, Torres is on pace to finish with 17 home runs against the Birds this season. That would be seven shy of his total against all teams last season.

Torres’ reign over the Orioles staff isn’t just limited to power. In 43 at bats against the O’s this season, he has piled up 20 hits, walked six times and struck out just eight. That is good for a .465 batting average, .531 on-base percentage and a whopping 1.764 OPS. He really seems to enjoy playing in Camden Yards too as seven of his 10 home runs against the O’s have come in front of the Baltimore faithful. Maybe they can trade for him to make it his permanent home? Probably not, so they’re likely better off finding a way to pitch around him for the time being.

Torres isn’t the only Yankee flexing his muscles against the O’s pitching staff either. Catcher Gary Sanchez has hit nine of his 15 homers this year off Baltimore’s staff with seven of those coming in Camden Yards.


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