Hi Everyone!


Wild weather yesterday. That is the only way to describe it. Wild weather. Dozens of reports of storm-related damage. A tornado in Howard County. And if you add our issues to all the problems, (and unfortunately in some cases fatalities), we were a part of, coast to coast, the most violent weather of this Spring. Wild weather. And done now.

This day started out sunny, and will remain so. This day started out warm and humid. It will remain warm with temps about 6° above normal, but more refreshing as we move into the afternoon. Tomorrow a bit cooler and even less humid. (By the way if you are headed “downneyoshun” tomorrow may be in the low 70’s!)

By Sunday up to 90° and humid. and the words “hot and humid” are the headline in the daily forecast’ through next week. Spring is going to morph into mid-Summer right before our eyes.

T.G.I.F. everyone! Ain’t it the truth!!




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