BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Six people were arrested after reports of juvenile fighting and heavy police presence in the area of Light St and E. Pratt St near the Inner Harbor.

Baltimore Fraternal Order of Police tweeted #CityinCrisis, saying they were monitoring the situation. At one point it appeared they had closed off the area from the harbor to buildings inside.

There are no reports on any injuries at this time. Witnesses said they believed the fights were serious, while others didn’t realize anything was happening at all, one person said they thought there was a parade.

“There were people of all ages running amok just hitting people, and then they’d try to split in different directions to get away from the cops,” A witness said.

By 11 p.m. most officers appeared to have left the area and the situation had calmed down.

Later Saturday night, Baltimore City FOP tweeted this statement.

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  1. Hoodrats at it again!! Who left the cage door open??

  2. Don’t forgot to powder their little bottoms before you send them home…LOCK THEM UP and hold the parents ACCOUNTABLE! We are sick of it!! Stay away tourist the city DEMOCRATIC leaders have NO control of this city…Hoodrats own it!

  3. Would not go down and spend a nickel in that PIT of a city!! Maybe you need to put more bill boards up.. SMH at stupidity running this city!

  4. Jim Quimby says:

    Just wait till it gets hot, You ain’t seen nothing yet!

  5. Ed Leicht says:

    Once people abandon the inner harbor, you might as well shut Baltimore down…getting just like chicago…thanks worthless dems.

  6. That’s the problem when your not civilized or know how to act and behave when they are out in public! Sings volumes does’nt it!! City DEMOCRATIC leaders don’t have a clue how to run this city, it just goes on and on and on and on and on……Wake up people this city needs big change, time to vote out every last one! The democrats have destroyed this once great city!! Just look at the demise of this city and what they have caused!! FYI you don’t see roving gangs of whites doing this in the county or city!! FACT and REALITY whether you like or not, STOP TURNING A BLIND EYE TO THE OBVIOUS!!!! BLAME THE PARENTS!!

  7. Tickedoff Person says:

    As long as they assault/kill themselves…I’m for it. I encourage them to kill each other. Bear spray works great to keep it contained just to the animals. It’s legal to carry, far reaching, sticks and it works.

  8. Sonny Crockett says:

    There is no hope for this city thanks to it’s ape residents and 60 years of incompetent and corrupt democrats and their proven failed policies. Yes I said ape because they do not act human. If actions like Inner Harbor mobs, fights at Dennny’s and carjacking businessmen from Canada aren’t enough for you, ask any cop or medic what their thoughts are on many city residents (which sadly are also in the counties).

  9. Surprised YOUNG is not trying to push the blame back off onto the county like he did when the hoodrats in Eastpoint and White Marsh acted like the uncivilized animals they are! We know exactly who the blame belongs to MAYOR YOUNG!! Keep your hoodrats under control in YOUR city and we won’t have this problem…

  10. Tickedoff Person says:

    Place some sort of incentive to go to the waters edge . Fifty bucks in one dollar bills placed here and there Funnel them to the water. Slowly close access. Use the natural hazard. They’re stupid and won’t catch on.Splash, Splash times 10

  11. “I thought it was a parade”. How can Warren/WJZ push the possibility that nothing happened with a straight face?

  12. Take notice how the Mayor and city council stay silent about the MAYHEM once again in their city.
    Typical for the DEMOCRATS ignore and hope it goes away!