BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Six people were arrested at the Inner Harbor Saturday night after police say fights broke out among a crowd of juveniles.

Witnesses said it was complete chaos at the Inner Harbor, where large crowds of people were seen running with fights breaking out among the crowd.

City officials said the mayhem needs to stop.

It was chaos at the Inner Harbor Saturday night. Cell phone video shows crowds of people running in full force to get away.

Others witnessed the mayhem from the ground.

“Just children of all ages running amok then they would just start hitting people they would try to split in different directions to get away from the cops and it was just a massive rush,” one woman said.

“I thought it was like a parade or something,” said another man.

Baltimore city police tell WJZ they received calls around 6:30 p.m. of a large crowd of juveniles at the inner harbor near the corner of Light and East Pratt streets.

A short time later they received reports of teens fighting and called additional officers downtown to assist.

Police said no major injuries were reported and six people were arrested.

City leaders calling it a violent turn during a holiday weekend.

“We had approximately, 400 kids [at] the harbor,” said Councilman Eric Costello. “By large most of those kids were just enjoying the weekend and some nice weather, but we did have a small group of kids who were acting inappropriately running on the roofs of cars so that’s very disappointing that type of behavior is unacceptable.”

Costello said the six people arrested were charged with destruction of property and disorderly conduct.

Mayor Jack Young said he’s working with police to find a solution as visitors to Baltimore’s crown jewel came face to face with its violence.

“We want them to come and act civilized we don’t want them to come down disrupting and wreaking havoc on our citizens and tourists that are coming to our city that’s totally unacceptable,” Young said.

Young said he plans to speak with both city police and school police to come up with a plan to stop the fights breaking out across the city.

“How are we going to invite people down to the Inner Harbor if they are afraid of the youth? Let’s get these youth back into work programs,” said She’Ron McVay, of Baltimore.

The Baltimore City Fraternal Order of Police tweeted that officers should, “Protect each other and don’t fall into the trap that they are only kids. Some are criminals! Keep the current policies and consent decree in mind…”

That comment drew criticism online when some called it racial profiling. The ACLU said “comments like this do nothing to repair that trust,”

City Police reiterated Monday evening that officers were at the Inner Harbor to protect everyone.

“We knew ahead of time there was a gathering coming at 5 o’ clock, so we had officers here already, so we were prepared for whatever,” said Colonel Richard Worley, Baltimore Police.

Councilman Eric Costello said two rec centers have opened in that district in the last few years, but he said he’s working to secure more activities for the youth.

“By enlarge, most of those kids were just enjoying the weekend and some nice weather but we did have a small group of kids who were acting inappropriately running on the roofs of cars so that’s very disappointing,” Costello said.

Ava-joye Burnett

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  1. Start with getting all new city leaders the ones we have are corrupt and useless!! BTW it was more then a “small group of kids” TYPICAL DEMOCRATS always down playing the seriousness and danger and putting innocent citizens in harms way and impeding traffic! Over a hundred easy! Uncivilized hoodrats are what they are! Keep the cage door locked Mayor then we won’t have this problem! What Mayor Young not trying to put the blame on Baltimore County this time? FYI you don’t see roving gangs of WHITES anywhere causing mayhem like the city hoodrats are! Sings volumes for sure!! It’s obvious the DEMOCRATS have lost control of this city!

  2. NO tourist in their right mind wants to visit the # 2 most violent and deadly city in the nation MAYOR. Baltimore city is a PIT of violence, drugs and armed hoodrat gangs!! Nice job DEMOCRATS!!

  3. Why do you have to give them a work program?? Why is it up to the city to babysit them?? That’s the parents job!!!! STOP babying them hold them accountable! Why can’t they just act like normal civilized people, you don’t see any other jurisdiction trying to keep them busy to keep them out of trouble! HELLO!! IT STARTS IN THE HOME, EVERYONE KNOWS THAT BUT THE CITY LEADERS!!! MAKE THE PARENTS ACCOUNTABLE STOP AVOIDING THE OBVIOUS! SMH at the idiots running this city! Not the city’s job to babysit these kids…

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