BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Those who visited the Inner Harbor on Saturday witnessed groups of teenagers fighting and hundreds of people fleeing the area.

“At first, I thought someone was shooting or something was happening, because there was such a rush of people coming through,” a witness told WJZ.

Police said six teenagers were arrested on Saturday, mainly for fighting.

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“This is kind of a minor issue to me compared to other problems going on in Baltimore City,” Baltimore Police Department Colonel Richard Worley said.

Police estimate between 300 and 500 kids came to the Inner Harbor for the holiday weekend. Some witnesses said they saw kids jumping on cars.

“They threatened us,” Brian Walp said. “They threatened to take his camera. It’s just ridiculous, very ridiculous. Where are there parents at”?

The city’s police union tweeted that officers should, “Protect each other and don’t fall into the trap that they are only kids. Some are criminals!”

That comment drew criticism online when some called it racial profiling.

The ACLU of Maryland said, “Comments like this do nothing to repair [the] trust [between community and police.]”

Monday, Mayor Jack Young said that he did not see the police union’s comments.

“I wouldn’t want my family members to be attacked,” Young said. “It’s just totally unacceptable, but it wasn’t all of the youth of Baltimore — just a few.”

Mayor Young urged parents to talk to their kids about their behavior, not just at the Inner Harbor, but around the city.

Baltimore City Council President Brandon Scott issued a statement days after the incident, diverting the attention to the four homicides that also occurred across the city over the weekend.

He said he had been in contact with Commissioner Harrison and the Baltimore Police Department commanders, and that he has asked them to watch body camera and CCTV footage.

“We must hold those who participate in illegal activity responsible, but everyone who cares about Baltimore must also understand that most of the young people who visit the Harbor are not there to engage in illegal activity. We have to recognize that we must provide opportunities for young people to enjoy themselves safely while simultaneously enforcing the law,” He said in the statement.

He ended by saying he will be working with Mayor Young, the City Council, Baltimore Recreation and Parks, community organizations and others to “ensure that our public spaces including the Inner Harbor are welcoming to our young people,”

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  1. Whats wrong with this statement, “it’s a minor issue to Colonel Richard Worley? HELLO anytime the general public is threatened with injury, strong arm robbery or property destruction, impeding traffic and 400-500 people running full force for their lives because they think shot have been fired, DID YOU SEE THE VIDEO?? Anyone falling could of been trampled to death! This does not seem serious to you Colonel Richard Worley?? All the things listed here were in fact happening and you have the NERVE to call it minor?? What is wrong with YOU?? ?? By the grace of GOD no one was injured, YOU might not be so lucky next time, EVER consider that?? Unbelievable statement made by a top leader in BPD not to take this kind of behavior serious… SMH!! This is why we have a city in CRISIS!!

  2. What is wrong with the leaders of this city?? Not to be believed with statements like this! HERE is a tip for you… HOLD THE PARENTS ACCOUNTABLE INSTEAD OF REWARDING THE OFFENDERS WITH JOBS ETC…AGAIN!! NO OTHER RACES, “NONE” ARE BEHAVING IN THIS WAY WHETHER THEY ARE IN WHITE MARSH, EASTPOINT AND THE HARBOR, ALL THESE PLACES WERE STRUCT BY THE SAME MAYHEM! EVERYONE IS HOT AND BORED AND HAVE THEIR OWN ISSUES ALSO BUT NONE ARE CAUSING MAYHEM AND THEY KNOW HOW TO ACT CIVILIZED WHEN IN PUBLIC!! It is what it is, you can sugar coat it all you want and stop making excuses for them, it’s that obvious it ONLY the black race doing this!! WHY???? We are fed up with excuses from our the city leaders! The black race are making their own selves look bad and out of control, no one else! They are the SOLE blame! This is no means a hate race issue SO PUT THE RACE CARD AWAY! BUT what you are all bringing down on yourselves!

  3. The city leaders don’t like it for us to state the obvious and ask questions! They want us to turn a blind eye to the obvious like they do! They expect us to believe and fall for their rhetoric, NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!

  4. Have you EVER heard anything so outrageous?? Juveniles hot with high testosterone and nothing to do is an excuse to riot and cause mayhem. ONLY IN BALTIMORE CITY!! I’M SPEECHLESS!! HELLO!! It’s only in Baltimore city NO OTHER KIDS IN THE STATE ARE DOING THIS!! SINGS VOLUMES!! WOW!!!! SMH!!!

  5. Tickedoff Person says:

    Hey Worley wait until one of the animals cracks your wife over the head with a bat. Would you be concerned then. Always the same mentality from the elected / appointed. As long as it’s not my family it’s OK. Glad to see nightsticks deployed again. Crack some heads take knee or two and make them think twice. Push the lot of them into the harbor and walk away.

  6. And some libs in the city wonder why the population of baltimore has dropped from 970k in 1970 to 602k in 2018. Hint – it ain’t only a couple big employers leaving. For fun, search for images of: baltimore blight

    After the next economic downturn, if the state or feds won’t bail out the city, woe be to those who are there. Heh, as of 2014, the unfunded pension and healthcare liabilities for retirees of the city was $2.3B with a B.

    There isn’t even a budget posted for 2017, 2018, or 2019 on the comptroller’s website. @ Wonder when the checks will simply just stop coming??

    1. oops, it’s the Baltimore City Department of Finance @

  7. 400-500 fighting rampaging youths is a riot, lets call it what it is and deal with it as such.

  8. Tommy Law says:

    is is absolutely ridiculous. So just because they are kids that means they can assault people, damage property, and attempting to rob people its ok there just kids. That sounds like a list of arrest-able crimes to me and nothing was said about what race the kids were. Baltimore is predominately an African American community so therefore the majority of suspects would be that race. Im pretty sure there are No Loitering signs posted about and they arent old enough to enter certain establishments so why do they act like they have the right harass people that spend good money just to park let alone go to places there. If your not actually

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