BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Baltimore City police officer has been suspended with pay, city police confirmed, and left court as a defendant Wednesday afternoon.

Officer Michael O’Sullivan, a nearly 20-year veteran of the Baltimore City Police Department was released on his own recognizance as he awaits trial on perjury and misconduct charges.

Michael O’Sullivan

Prosecutors said the misconduct charge is tied to allegedly lying under oath.

Baltimore Police did confirm he is suspended with pay, and that he’s been with the department since 2000 and served most recently in the Northern District.

According to the grand jury indictment dated Tuesday, he allegedly lied in a case from 2018. Five police officers and a civilian testified to the grand jury.

As part of his release, O’Sullivan must surrender his firearms.

He had already surrendered his department-issued firearm.

His trial is set for August 21.

Paul Gessler

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  1. ALSO it is being reported on the national news that a Maryland Democratic Congressman’s from the 7th districts daughter “Adia” was caught driving HIS car with congressional tags given to her by him to use to do share ride with Lyft in DC! His reply.. “OH SORRY” Question is how much gas did the citizens of this country pay for her if any to do ride share?? Easy enough to check, gassing up his vehicle receipts against the time she was signed onto the Lyft platform. Hollywood could not make this stuff up!! The corruption with democratic’s is unbelievable… Mayor Pugh say the same thing “OPPS SORRY about her own debacle”

  2. Would be nice to know WHY this officer was arrested, that’s considered public information!

  3. Tracy D Hall says:

    Man that’s call a vacation.

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