ABERDEEN, Md. (WJZ) — A 14-year-old and a 17-year-old from Baltimore are in police custody after they allegedly stole dirt bikes in Pennslyvania and then took police on a chase through two states.

Maryland State Police pursued two stolen vehicles Wednesday morning along the I-95 corridor in Harford and Cecil counties, causing severe traffic delays around the area.

According to Maryland officials, Pennsylvania State Police reported they were involved in a pursuit of two white vans around 5 a.m. Wednesday across state lines. The vans were stolen from Baltimore City and were traveling on Route 1 toward Maryland.  Police believed the suspects stole dirt bikes from a Pennsylvania business.

State police said the two vans separated once they entered Maryland. One vehicle traveled southbound. on Route 272 and the other on Route 276.

Maryland troopers began pursuing the vehicles at the Tydings Memorial Bridge. The van that was on Route 272 got back onto I-95 headed southbound in the Aberdeen area. The suspects bailed out of the vehicle and into the woods. Troopers used a K9 unit and its aviation unit to search for the suspects. One male suspect was taken into custody, while another remains at large.

The other van, on Route 276, crashed into a marked police cruiser at Route 222 and I-95 in Perryville. That driver fled, but was captured a short time later.

Police continue to look for the suspect at large and are working with the Cecil and Harford counties’ sheriff’s offices to investigate the case.

The teens are charged with motor vehicle theft, rogue and vagabond and resisting arrest, according to Maryland State Police.

This is a developing story. Stay with WJZ for updates.

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  1. Nice job PD of all involved, STAY SAFE!!

  2. What a surprise from Baltimore City!! They did adult crimes , put countless people in serious deadly situations… Charge the hoodrats as adults, let the punishment fit the crime! Sends a clear message HOODRATS can get away with serious crimes, SHAME the perps were not killed due to the high speed chase thru two states!

  3. Protect yourself and your property by any means possible it’s your legal right, the police cannot always be there in time help or save you! You do not have to be prey or a victim to the violent city thugs!! MY MOTTO…NO ONE will take what is mine!! Charge them as adults they put so many lives in danger and robbery and you want to baby them! SEND THE MESSAGE and get them into the adult system for their adult crimes!

  4. Two questions?? One – why were they not in school? Two – where are the parents?? HOLD THE PARENTS ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR OWN KIDS!! SO typical for Baltimore City…

  5. John Kennedy says:

    B. Hussein Obama and Eric Holder sent the message during their tenure: Go ahead and do the crime cause you won’t have to do the time.

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