NOTTINGHAM, Md. (WJZ) — A strong burst of thunderstorms hit across Maryland and the Baltimore County area, bringing with it a slew of damage.

Baltimore County Fire warned drivers and area residents to use caution on the road, particularly on Perry Hall Blvd., where wires and tree branches cover the road.

Crews continued to asses the damage throughout Wednesday night, with many trees and structures fallen.

One house in White Marsh was hit badly by a tree going into the spare bedroom and master bathroom.

“This is the first time that I was ever so scared we have to go in the basement we have to shelter in place and I’m so glad I listened to that instinct and got us all down there,” said Anita Stone, homeowner in Nottingham.

Stone said it was a gut instinct that made her grab her dog and move the kids to the basement of her house to ride out the storm. She said moments later what she saw next was chaos.

“I saw water coming in through our kitchen so I knew something happened on the top floor we went upstairs and the tree had penetrated our roof after it was uprooted and went into the master bathroom the master bedroom and the spare bedroom,” Stone said.

Severe thunderstorms ripped through parts of the state, and the National Weather Service confirmed winds of 90 miles per hour.

“Then I started to see hail coming down, big chunks, cars slowing down it scared me so bad I ran back in the house,” said Melissa Scudder, of White Marsh.

In Perry Hall, trees were uprooted and blocked off roads, bringing power lines down with them.

Baltimore County Fire warned drivers and area residents to use caution on the road, particularly on Perry Hall Blvd.

Miles away in Fallston, Harford County- trees were snapped in half and several cars were crushed beneath branches.

In Pikesville, branches fell feet away from a school, and in Anne Arundel County- the winds were strong enough to knock over trees in Severna Park, leaving cars flattened.

Back in Baltimore County on Silver Spring Road in Perry Hall, BGE worked to get the power lines back up, so the real clean up can start Thursday.

At last check at around 11 p.m., there are 6,000 people without power in the immediate Baltimore City and County area, and over 1,000 in Harford County.

Officials said there were no injuries reported from the storm.

Kelsey Kushner

  1. Tickedoff Person says:

    Rest assured that the elected an profiled personalities only had a few leaves that blew into their inground pools. A major inconvenience in their eye’s.Thank GOD they did not receive any real damage. Next session in Annapolis will contain legislation introducing a new fee for storm victims. The Unsightly Debris Fee will be imposed against all storm damage victims starting 2020. Also , home owners will have to pay a new fine for killing tree’s without a permit. The fine will be enforced by the Chesapeake Bay Clean Water Act The Democrats are paving the way here in Maryland with this new fee. Without them…where would we all be? Marty…where ought tho! We need your beaten puppy dog voice telling us that these fee’s and fines are necessary to pay your special friends. Sort of like the Pension System Scam you ran on all of us while you graced us with your presence

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