BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The ransomware attack on Baltimore City’s government will cost the city more than $18 million, council member Isaac “Yitzy” Schleifer said.

Additional services may soon be restored. Mayor Jack Young said the city is now working to restore email and computer access to city employees.


The attack had forced city staff to find different ways to conduct business, from using Gmail for email to a manual workaround for real estate transactions.

Earlier this week, Baltimore City officials looked to Fort Meade for answers and accountability, blaming the NSA for the breach.

Thursday, the NSA fired back at Baltimore City leaders. NSA Senior Advisor for Cybersecurity Strategy Rob Joyce said that vulnerabilities will continue to be found.

“Focusing on a single exploit, especially one that has a solution through a patch that was issued years ago is really short-sighted,” Joyce said. “Vulnerabilities will continue to be found. Doing the basics is required for responsible network administration.”

A patch that was released two years ago protects against vulnerabilities, but cities that did not update its Window Systems stayed at risk.

Mayor Young believes that became the access point for hackers to take Baltimore’s computer systems hostage.

“We’re talking to our federal delegation to try to get some financial support from D.C. because of where it originated from,” Young said.

Mayor Young said that paying ransom is still not an option.

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  1. Typical!! No surprise here when the democrats are involved, they were to busy at city hall making shady financial book deals over the previous years instead of upgrading security protections to the city computers! It’s called keeping your priority’s in order, missed that one HUH??NOW they are looking for someone to blame as usual! Once AGAIN all under the democratic watch..SMH

  2. What happens when you run a sloppy house AKA city hall! Very obvious with all the democratic corruption coming out of Baltimore City Hall what would you expect??…

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