BALTIMORE (WJZ) — In Maryland, Real ID drivers licenses are slowly replacing old forms of the license.

Under federal law — by October 2020 — Marylanders won’t be able to get through airport security without a Real ID.

The MVA issued Real IDs in 2009 — but in 2017 — federal rules changed.

It now takes four forms of identification for a Real ID and all those with licenses issued before the change must bring them to the MVA.

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“We will reach out to everybody,” MVA Administrator Christine Nizer said. “We only reached out to a small initial group. If we haven’t contacted you yet, we will.”

The MVA will have to contact roughly one million people. Word went out to 80,000 in the first group last November. So far, 28,000 have responded, leaving 52,000 left to respond.

The MVA chalks it up to human nature.

“We know that trends to wait to wait until the last minute,” Nizer said. “We see that for renewing their licenses.”

The first group’s staggered deadlines are June 5, 12 and 19. After the deadline, licenses will be recalled for those who do not produce their documents.

Motorists can still drive legally, but if they get pulled over by police, their licenses will be seized.

“You would then be required to come on in and present documents anyway,” Nizer said. “So just skip that step and comply now and bring in what you need.”

The MVA sent out multiple notices for the deadline will do the same for the next deadline in November.

Marylanders can spare themselves of a surprise by going on the MVA’s website and entering their driver’s license number to see when time is up. Marlyanders can also make an appointment in advance to take care of business.

Visit the MVA’s Real ID webpage for more information.

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  1. Jrfred Coker says:

    I want to know how illegals in this state are able to get this new licence when there is no way they would have the required I.D since they are not LEGAL citizens of this country. Also if the state can force us to get this then why not voter I.D ?

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