BALTIMORE (WJZ) — With more than 120 homicides in the first five months of 2019, city officials hope to unite Baltimore against violence.

Hundreds came out to a rally in northeast Baltimore to stop the violence Sunday as the city marks National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

“This is the most important time for this, as the temperature gets hotter we know that crime picks up,” said Pastor Damn Dorsey of Walk by Faith Ministries. “What we want to do again is just provide some type of faith, inspiration, and encouragement for people to let people know no matter where you are, God still loves you.”

The event was aimed at bringing attention to Gun Violence Awareness Day and preventing more bloodshed in a city struggling with a homicide epidemic.

“I’m just hoping that it’ll start reaching these folk who are carrying the illegal guns and are repeat violent offenders. It’s a problem,”Mayor Jack Young said.

Four years in a row, Baltimore has seen more than 300 homicides, and 2019 is on pace to match that number.

17-Year-Old Killed, Five Others Shot Sunday In Baltimore

Sunday’s event, organized by City’s State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s office, is intended to get the community involved.

“It’s time for us collectively to come together and change the trajectory and to find productive activities for our young people, especially when we know they’re getting out of school,” Mosby said.

The City’s State’s Attorney will be hosting a variety of pop-up events for families from 6 to 9 p.m. on Fridays all summer.


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  1. What a JOKE!! Let’s keep rewarding them instead of making the parents oversee their behavior and and make the parents held accountable and CONTROL THEIR OWN KIDS THE WAY GOOD PARENTS SHOULD! The city loves babysitting someone else’s kids! Why can’t the family’s occupy their own kids, NEVER when I was going up did we go to the govt and make them give us things to do and if they did’nt destroy the city and riot ! Only in Baltimore city because they have to be treated special and and babied because we want not want to upset them…

  2. ONLY in Baltimore city do the youths have to be treated special!! NO other county or jurisdiction in this state BUT Baltimore city, that’s a real eye opener! , SURE sings volumes does’nt IT…SICKENING! It’s a real reflection on the LOUSY parenting and the total lack of accountability of the parents, but what do you expect from the democrats they act the same way along with their lack of ability to successfully lead this city take a look around it’s in total demise and failing at every turn and aspect! NO surprise though this is all been done and allowed to happen under DEMOCRATIC RULE and WATCH of CORRUPTION FOR YEARS!

  3. Tickedoff Person says:

    Good luck with that. The terrorist will just sit on the porches laughing at the spectacle . Parents in jail or strung out in the bedroom on some good sheeeet. The terrorist see this as a way of life and proceed to follow the footsteps. Perhaps in a few generations “not in our lifetime” the animal parents will be long gone. The children would have already killed each other and took some innocent people with them. Perhaps….Perhaps the remnants of the terrorist will see the error of their ways and act accordingly . I’m glad you enjoyed the joke of the day. Arm yourselves if you want some kind of chance when venturing into Baltimore. I would rather face a judge placed by the Democrats for defending myself than paying for a funeral……..YES IT’S THAT BAD!

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