BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Maryland District Court judge blocked the Trump administration from implementing new rules targeting reproductive health services providers who receive federal Title X funds.

“Judge Bennett’s injunction is an important first step in our fight against this Title X regulation, which violates the Constitution and several other federal laws,” said Solicitor Andre M. Davis. “We will continue to oppose this administration’s unlawful and costly federal regulations that endanger the health of our residents.”

If it were implemented, the Title X rules would impose restrictions on recipients of federal family planning funds, including a “Gag Rule” that would prohibit referrals for abortion and mandate pre-natal care referrals– even for patients seeking abortions.

Another would be a “Separation Rule”, which would require providers who offer or even refer for abortion to maintain separate facilities for Title-X funded activities.

“This week’s ruling is a win for public health and for Baltimore City residents,” said Baltimore City Health Commissioner Dr. Letitia Dzirasa. “We know that those most affected by the proposed rule are families with the least access to resources, especially those who are uninsured. We simply cannot politicize health care services and this preliminary injunction is the right decision for equitably delivered, high quality healthcare.” Over 16,000 patients per year seek services at Title X-funded clinics in the City.

This is the third preliminary injunction to issue against the Title X regulations. 20 states, including Maryland challenged the regulations.

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