BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The old cliche is to buy dad a tie for Father’s Day to go along with his black socks and sandals.

Now, the American Visionary Art Museum has a twist on that classic gift.

After retiring in 2005, Bob Benson began creating art out of mirrors.

The leaves on his trees outside of his home are tiny mirrors and he turned a garden shed into a copy of the infinity rooms created by the famous Japenese artist Toro Nagashi.

“When I started this someone said these are such shiny, happy things,” Benson said. “I thought that would be a good name for my website.”

Every other month, Benson leads a workshop at the American Visionary Art Museum. This weekend, he’ll guide you as you build a glass mirror tie for dad for Father’s Day.

“I usually work several hours a day on this,” Benson said. “Mentally, that’s where the artistry comes in.”


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