BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The future of the Harborplace is up in the air.

Baltimore’s crown jewel retail space is in receivership with no concrete plan for what happens next.

Baltimore City Mayor Jack Young called the future of the Harborplace a shocker but said that he knows what he’d like to see happen.

“As you know, Harborplace is a very important part of Baltimore,” Young said. “Not only for our tourism but also for our citizens who want to come and visit down in the Inner Harbor. I was totally shocked, I can tell you that.”

The pavilions had been undergoing renovation for quite a while- too long for too many businesses who eventually moved out.

With fewer tenants and less money, payments were missed and a Baltimore Circuit Court Judge appointed a receiver to take control which opened the way for sale.

The Waterfront Partnership sees promise in a new owner.

“We’re actually pleased to hear about the receivership of the Harborplace because it means there’s some action being taken,” Laurie Schwartz, of the Waterfront Partnership, said. “For too long Harborplace has been on a decline. There have been more tenants that have left. It hasn’t held the strength that it used to hold and we expect it to hold.”

Mayor Young has tough standards for the Harborplace.

“I would like to see it torn down and re-done, that would be my preference,” Mayor Young said.

The City of Baltimore owns the land, but not the buildings. Mayor Young said that the Baltimore Development Corp. (BDC) is on the case.

“I’m quite sure BDC will try to reach out to them to try to figure out what’s going on and what’s the next steps,” Young said.

A request for comment by the receiver has not been answered.

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  1. Tickedoff Person says:

    Make this easy. The city will endorse 100% whatever the Good Ole’ Boys Club tells them to do. This is a grand opportunity to make big bucks for the Club. All members of the Club will have their hand in it. From demolition to rebuild or massive renovations.. Young and his cheap talk is simply a diversion from what is going to be done. Hell, something has already been decided. This town will never change until the political machine that’s been in place for DECADES is destroyed.

  2. Hope Leicester says:

    When your Mayor endorses giving thugs ‘space to destroy’ and your violent crime rate is 10 times the national average, year in, year out–this is what you get. But keep blaming the PO-leez and putting the same corrupt people (like the racist States Attorney) in office-

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