BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Heroin and fentanyl users in three large U.S. cities would willingly use “safe consumption spaces” where they could get clean syringes and have emergency medical treatment nearby in case of an overdose, according to a study from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Researchers surveyed 326 drug users in Baltimore, Boston and Providence and found more than three-fourths would be willing to use safe consumption spaces similar to those in Canada and Australia.

Despite the significant number of drug users willing to use the spaces, respondents reported fears of arrest and privacy concerns that could come from the facilities.

The study was published June 5 in the Journal of Urban Health.


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  1. Of course they would your giving them a free place to get high and abuse drugs!! STOP ENABLING THEM STUPID IDIOTS!!

  2. Who’s idiotic brain storm is this?? Your part of the problem not the solution!

  3. This is an excellent study proving things we already know – safe consumption spaces work, they save lives, improve public health, make neighborhoods safer, and save money. I really hope one opens up in my neighborhood soon – it would greatly improve quality of life and make my community safer.

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