BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore City Police Commissioner Michael Harrison announced the arrest of BPD Sgt. Ethan Newberg for assault, false arrest, false imprisonment and misconduct.

Harrison also announced that Newberg was also suspended without pay.

Body camera footage shows, a 24-year veteran, was doing a warrant check on the 2300 block of Ashton Street when a passerby offered an opinion.

Newberg claimed the man was being aggressive, but Harrison said that body camera footage showed a different story.

He said it showed the man speaking to Newberg and walking calmly away after offering his opinion.

According to Harrison, the footage shows Newberg chasing the man, grabbing him and with the help of another officer, taking him to the ground and arresting him.

“The officer we arrested today or being arrested right now does not reflect who we are or what we stand for,” Harrison said. “This behavior will never have a place in this police department as long as I’m police commissioner.”

Mayor Jack Young released a statement Thursday night that read, in part:

“I fully support the actions taken by Commissioner Michael S. Harrison. An essential part of police reform in Baltimore involves restoring the trust between the community and members of the police department. In my view, the actions taken by the officer in question are unbecoming of someone in law enforcement and will not be tolerated.”

Baltimore City Councilman Brandon Scott said that he applauds Commissioner Harrison for, “his swift action.”

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  1. Tickedoff Person says:

    All well and good to get rid of a rogue cop. OK, over with. But why does Harrison have that look on his face? Plain as day…he doesn’t have a plan one to curtail the violence in the city. This guy is and has been running a scam on us. He is no magic policeman. He is just another appointed person here to take what he can on the taxpayers dime. Double Dip those public funded pensions funds. Take over a million in salary plus bonuses while you wear your gold and white. We would have been better off hiring a clown

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