HAMPSTEAD, MD. (WJZ) — Chloe is a Dalmatian dog. She is also one of the 27 happy endings in the “Black Rock Puppies” alleged illegal breeding operation in Hampstead.

“Oh, God, yeah. Yeah. She is way loved. She’s a little diva now,” said Cynthia Ambs, with Dalmatian Rescue.

Chloe was lucky to get out of the house in Hampstead alive. 27 other dogs were found dead in April. Some in cages, many looking starved and all surrounded by filth.

49-year-old John Roberts and 55-year-old Laura Filler were arrested.

“There is felony aggravated cruelty and then there is also misdemeanor neglect,” said Karen Baker, executive director of the Carroll County.

Both suspects remain in custody, with trial dates still yet to be set. 27 dogs that did survive were nursed back to health by the Humane Society of Carroll County.


“Her intake photos were beyond belief. You don’t even want to look at them,” Baker said of Chloe.

The 27 that did not survive brought a small gathering to a pet cemetery at Baltimore’s Humane Society.

A grave holds the ashes of the dogs.

A brief service was conducted by Veronica Van Hof, the cemetery’s director.

“27 dogs. 27 lives. 27 hopeful, trusting, eager, anonymous souls, broken by hunger and neglect. But today, they have names,” Van Hof said.

Those names were given to them by Humane Society staff, on tags attached to 27 collars laid out in a heart outlining the grave.


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