BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Two Baltimore City maintenance workers who allegedly committed time theft by spending hours of their shifts at home are no longer employed by the city.

In a report issued Thursday, the city’s inspector general’s office said it found a pattern of abuse going back to January 2017 in which one of the employees would use their city vehicle to go home for several hours during the workday.

The second employee, who was paired with the first after losing his city driving privileges for failing to attend a re-certification class, reportedly began going home during his shift shortly after being assigned to work with the first employee.

The inspector general’s office said it saw one employee drop the other off near his home before heading to his own home, returning to pick up the other employee and heading back to work at the end of their shift on multiple occasions.

The two employees’ names have not been publicly released but have been identified as traffic maintenance workers in the Department of Transportation’s Signs and Markings section.

The inspector general’s office referred the case to the city’s legal department to pursue wage reimbursement.

Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young said in a letter included in the report the DOT is developing a new set of policies to prevent the issue from happening in the future.

Comments (3)
  1. They need to repay the city for the time sitting home being lazy and stealing from the city! Wonder how many others are doing the same thing?? You know darn sure it’s not just two for thousands of city employees…The most corrupt city in the nation!!

  2. WOW! The democrats are going to make a policy NOW! WOW!! You think you would have been smart enough to have one in place already! Not the democrats they wait til something happens. Total stupidity running city hall and this city! NOT TO BE BELIEVED!!!!!

  3. Tickedoff Person says:

    Almost identical to city council members. They work just a few months a year but get paid all year. Can we stop this practice too. Pay them while they are in session only. Let them hold a regular job when session is over. That’s right….THEY’RE ENTITLED, I forgot!

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