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A day in the Sinai Rehabilitation Center is anything but typical. However, our inpatients can expect a degree of routine.

The day begins with morning nursing rounds where a rehabilitation nurse will assist patients with their medications and personalized routines to prepare for the day’s activities. To best simulate a home environment, patients are encouraged to dress in clothes they would typically wear during the day at home.

The nurse or occupational therapist will assist the patient in completing their activities of daily living (ADLs), which include bathing, dressing, grooming and general hygiene. The therapist will provide patients with adaptive equipment as needed to help them increase their independence a little every day.

The rehabilitation physician and residents round with each patient to address their needs and concerns and to ensure that treatment is progressing appropriately. The physicians collaborate with the multidisciplinary team to discuss the patient’s current status and progress in daily rounds and weekly conference meetings.

At noon, patients break from therapy for lunch. During this time, it is important they rest and allow their body to recover before afternoon sessions. If adaptive devices, and swallowing or eating lessons are needed, a therapist may work with patients during lunch.

After lunch, patients will continue with therapy. The nurses, physicians, nursing aides and therapists are all available throughout the day to assist patients with their needs.

The patient’s day concludes with dinner and time to spend with family or other visitors. The evening is an opportune time to rest and recuperate from a full day of therapy and education. It is important to balance therapy and rest during rehabilitation, to allow the body to become stronger and prepared for more therapy the next day.

Therapy sessions are conducted throughout the day, every day. On weekdays, patients are asked to participate in three hours of therapy, including physical, occupational and speech-language therapy. The sessions are divided based upon the patient’s individual needs and treatment goals. Patients are encouraged to incorporate techniques learned in therapy throughout their day.

Family members are welcome to attend therapy sessions. Family can be taught by our experienced therapists to better support their loved ones at home and remain updated on their functional status.

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