(CBS News) — Six American tourists have mysteriously died in recent months at resorts in the Dominican Republic. The FBI is helping local authorities investigate these deaths.

Robert Wallace traveled the world with his wife and friends say he worked hard and played even harder. But his niece said he fell ill almost immediately after drinking a scotch from the minibar at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and was dead just three days later in April.

David Harrison of Maryland died at the same resort last year. He and his wife had taken their 12-year-old son to the Dominican Republic to celebrate their wedding anniversary. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino said it’s confident that all operational protocols were followed.

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Miranda Schaup-Werner and Yvette Monique Sport died at the Bahia Principe resort. Their death certificates list the cause of death for both as heart attacks. But Felecia Nieves, Sport’s sister, questions that.

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  1. Two is a possible coincidence six is an epidemic! Are you people tat stupid and gullible?? Do you people believe everything the the Dominicans tell you?? HELLO does not take a Philadelphia lawyer to figure out the are lying to save and do damage control of their tourist trap! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

  2. I have a bridge for sale anyone of you idiots want to buy it??

  3. Garth Wheeler says:

    Someone is spiking the drinks at the bar at the hotel

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