BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The City of Baltimore filed a motion Wednesday in its lawsuit against a new Trump administration regulation– asking the court to stop it from going into effect until after the lawsuit is decided.

The new regulation, known as the “denial of care rule” is scheduled to go into effect July 22 unless the court enjoins the rule, the release noted.

The new rule would allow any employee of a publicly-funded health service to deny a patient based on the employee’s religious, moral or other beliefs.

This could then apply to not only doctors and nurses, but also to insurance claims adjusters, clinic receptionists, pharmacists, ambulance drivers and other health care employees, the City said.

The City said if this rule is implemented it could have “devastating effects for Baltimore City,”

“The Baltimore City Health Department has made great strides in reducing teen pregnancy, infant mortality and other vital public health indicators by reaching vulnerable people through our patient-centered philosophy, which prioritizes trust-building and outreach to high-risk groups. Discriminatory denials of care will stigmatize vulnerable patients and drive them away from the care they need.” said Baltimore City Commissioner of Health Dr. Letitia Dzirasa.

In its lawsuit, the City argues the rule goes beyond the scope of the laws it purports to implement and should be struck down.

“The new rule violates the Constitution and several federal laws,” said City Solicitor Andre Davis, “including a provision of the Affordable Care Act that prohibits undue burdens on patients’ ability to receive appropriate health care. It is our duty to protect Baltimore residents from the harm that will result from this unlawful rule.”


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