By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — We started out this day with a sunrise that could only be described as the look of tie dye. We will end it with a look that can only be described as dishwater gray. And so it goes the cloud piling in before big rain moves in around bedtime. No surprise honestly, the forecast is right on track. Rain arrives, rain leaves, Friday and Saturday are looking pretty good. It is Sunday, Father’s Day that is the question mark in the forecast. Here is the exact wording of that part of the outlook;

“Very Warm, more humid with a p.m. t-storm. Most activity may occur N. & W. of Baltimore. High 89, low 72.”

That pretty much tells me there might be some wiggle room. The question is that “wiggle room” in or out of our favor.

On Wednesday I like to start to look at the weekend. You long time viewers know my motto, “The only reason to work is to kill time in between weekends, and vacations.”  And this is a big Sunday. It’s Father’s Day. My best advice, today, would be to think up a Plan A, and a Plan B. That way the question mark in the forecast is put to rest. Take it out of the equation. Hopefully by tomorrow we have more solid Sunday ground to stand on. Cool?



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