DUNDALK, Md. (WJZ) — A series of fights around a new Sparrows Point bar is causing concern for some neighbors.

Videos posted online show fights breaking out around Tiki Lee’s a new bar on the water at Sparrow’s Point early Sunday morning.


Police said the suspects were beating people at random as they left Tiki Lee’s.

The fighting started inside the bar before security escorted the men out, but it didn’t stop there and several victims were hospitalized, police said.

“As this group was leaving, they were randomly assaulting people that were on their way into the bar,” said Baltimore County Police Officer Jen Peach.

Police said a group of five to eight men started the fights, then began attacking people on Shore Road, injuring at least five people.

According to police, the surveillance camera system at the bar had not yet been activated.

The fights triggered a large police response.

“Because it was such a large crowd, and because we had multiple victims that were involved in various places along this roadway, we had to have an extensive police presence there,” Peach said. “All of Precinct 12 responded.”

The bar has been a source of tension for some neighbors, who have expressed concerns about parking and public drunkenness.

“It’s gone basically from a quiet street to, especially on Friday and Saturday night, it’s bedlam,” neighbor Jim Blevins said.

Another neighbor, Steven Goodman, said he believes the owner is working with the community.

“He’s trying to do whatever he can to appease the residents on the street, some of them I’m sure you won’t be able to ever please them, but he’s making an honest effort,” Goodman said.

Tiki Lee’s owner told WJZ his only comment for now is a statement the bar posted on its Facebook page, calling Sunday’s fights an isolated incident that happened outside company property.

That statement also said the bar employs a private security force to ensure the safety of its guests.

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  1. ” Police said a group of five to eight men started the fights” They were Black men hitting white men and women for no reason

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