By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Welcome to the last Monday, and for that matter the last week of Spring. Summer starts Friday. And we will end the season with an almost identical forecast today through Thursday. “Clouds, some sun. Showers, and thunderstorms likely. Heavy downpours and gusty winds possible. Temps will remain in the mid 80’s where they should be.” The normal now is 84°, on Thursday it will move up to 85°.   Hopefully you got to enjoy the weekend. Weather-wise Saturday was a fine day, yesterday could have been worse. Depending on your location we were dodging rain, and thunderstorms throughout the day and night.  And I think the next few days will very much resemble yesterday in look, and feel.

Spring. Seasonally warm mornings, no giant heat, and a very wet May. Those will be the headlines and we close the book on the season at weeks end. What will Summer have in store for us?  Good question, or as we like to say in the broadcasting biz, “Stay tuned.”



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