BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Investigators want to know if you have been the victim of a fake traffic stop.

Officials are searching for drivers who may have been pulled over by a police impersonator on the beltway.

Maryland State Police said a Virginia man pretending to be an officer made at least one traffic stop near the Greenspring Ave. exit. He was equipped with handcuffs, a handgun, a bulletproof vest and flashing lights on his car. The only thing he is missing, according to police, is a real badge.

“Anybody being pulled over, by somebody like this, would be fooled,” Maryland State Police spokesperson Elena Russo said.

Russo said that 54-year-old Timothy Trivett couldn’t trick the State Trooper who spotted him trying to pull over a woman on the outer loop of 695 near the Greenspring Ave. exit on Saturday night.

“When our trooper was passing by the vehicle, he could tell that something just wasn’t right,” Russo said.

The trooper followed and watched the alleged wannabe cop pull over the driver which ultimately resulted in Trivett’s arrest.

“I feel much safer now that it’s a cellphone era, but I would definitely have my hand on the phone, ready to call before I open my window,” Theresa Koehler, a driver, said.

Trivett now faces charges for impersonating a police officer and carrying handguns. Maryland State Police said they’re still searching for other possible victims.

“One would want to see the person’s badge and the person’s car and realize everything is legitimate,” Henry Jenkins, a driver, said. “But, if this guy can somehow trick people, he must be pretty crafty.”

If you think you may be a victim, or have information on this case, officials would like to hear from you.


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