BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore is among the listed cities that should expect ICE raids this weekend.

President Trump tweeted Monday that next week the Immigration Customs Enforcement agency will begin removing “the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the United States,”

There have been reports that of the 10 cities that should expect raids, Baltimore is one of them.

Baltimore Mayor Jack Young responded to Trump’s comments saying he was “deeply disturbed” and even more troubled at reports of impending ICE raids.

“We have worked long and hard to strengthen our institutions, so our schools are safe places where children can learn; law enforcement fosters trust with the community and is well positioned to protect those in need; and our economy functions as a vibrant engine for growth,” Young said.

He added that to keep the stability of these institutions and trust in the community requires Baltimore’s residents to have faith their rights will be protected.

“We need common sense solutions that focus on keeping our community safe– and preserve the trust our residents have in law enforcement and local systems,” He said.

Mayor Young reminded Baltimore City residents that they have access to an attorney if they have been detained by ICE.

“I am proud that Baltimore is committed to upholding the American values of respecting the rights and dignity of every resident. Regardless of the position of the federal government, we will continue to stand by our decision to be an inclusive, fair and welcoming city,” He concluded.

Baltimore City Councilman called Baltimore a safe city, and urged anyone who needs or knows someone who needs legal immigration assistance to share this research he posted below:

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  1. Jon Schneck says:

    only in Baltimore where shooting occur hourly, would the mayor be upset that a law enforcement is occurring. Defiantly time for all new leadership.

  2. Jrfred Coker says:

    So the mayor of one of the most crime infested cities in America is upset because I.C.E is removing illegals from its streets??!! These Liberal Democrats will NEVER learn!!

  3. Tickedoff Person says:

    YEAH BABY…..!!!!! Take all of the ILLEGALS away. Just what does Young doesn’t understand about CRIMINALS. They broke the law, they’re law breakers, they’re ILLEGAL. Those ILLEGAL VOTES are going away Young. If SCOTUS does their job and claims residency is a valid question on the census. Bang, there goes millions of votes and representation by Dem’s. Long live the REPUBLICANS

  4. Laura Emersone says:

    How about criminal Russian Jews? Are they going to be removed too? Or are they untouchable?

  5. So these illegal aliens get free legal representation too??? Insane.

  6. You are the direct cause MAYOR for allowing the murders and violent crimes to get out of control and run this city into the ground because you want to allow the ILLEGALS to infest our city!! NO RESPECT FOR YOU OR YOUR THE REST OF YOUR CORRUPT DEMOCRATIC BUFFOONS! You are a DISGRACE to this city!! YOU NEED TO GET YOUR PRIORITY’S IN ORDER!! KICK the ILLEGAL’S OUT and back to where they belong and you can send the MAYOR with them!! TOURIST be smart and stay away we are overrun with hourly shootings, free roaming armed hoodrats, violent crimes and a sanctuary city filled to it’s brim with ILLEGALS while this city can’t even take care of it’s own citizens!

  7. Say BYE BYE to your votes MAYOR, the feds are in town and kicking your ILLEGALS OUT!! If you don’t like it you can go with them you would be doing this city a HUGE favor!!

  8. Dale Mueller says:

    I find it totally laughable that the Mayors of 2 of the most crime ridden cities are protesting the raids…. Maybe they think that if these illegals are gone, All they would have left in the city are criminals.

  9. higgy68 says:

    Anyone that promotes sanctuary anything to protect illegal aliens is a traitor to the country and their constituents. The last decent mayor Baltimore had was W. D. Schaefer.

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