Right on track and right on time. The “right on track” is the consistency in the forecast, the clearing, and fine weekend we have been discussing here all week. And the “right on time” is just that, or should I say “in the nick of time” because this week’s hot, humid, and stormy weather was getting real old. All in the rearview mirror now.

To be official Summers start time today, 11:54 A.M. And this is the longest day of the year. And we are half way through the brightest 60 days of the year. Easing into the new season my one and only goal is to slow time up. To linger and enjoy. Too much rushing around, unfortunately, is a part of all of our lives. But it is time to take control and enjoy a lot of “me time.” Frankly we could rename Summer to “me time” and be right on the legit feel of the season.

Today sunny, lowering humidity and temps just in the low 80’s, not the low-stuffy 90’s. Enjoy, be safe, and find ya some…….”me time!”

T.G.I.F.,…ain’t it the truth.



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