By Max McGee

OCEAN CITY, Md. (WJZ) — The summer season is in full swing in Ocean City, and the sea life is out and about.

A fishing company, Chasin’ Tides Charters, was out fishing when Captain Chase Eberle saw this whale swimming over the surface off the coast of Ocean City earlier this week.

They captured a video of the whale sticking its head out to say hello!

“You never know what you may see while out on the ocean. Tonight while sharking had a whale come up just behind our baits,” They said in a Facebook post on June 17.

Commenters noted they had also seen whales while out fishing in that area.

“You don’t usually see them that close to the boat breaching and eating the bait,” Chase Eberle, of Chasin’ Tides Charters, said. “He was maybe 75-yards from the boat.”

Ebrle tags and releases sharks in the area, but said it depends on the mammal’s surroundings that gives people the ability to see them more.

“There’s a couple of boats out of Virginia that are bunker boats,” Eberle said. “When they’re not in the area, we see more whales, more fish, more sharks. We see more everything.”

Jen Dittmar, the Director of Animal Rescue at The National Aquarium, said this is the perfect time of year to see marine wildlife.

“Large whales, including humpbacks, are present off the coast of Maryland pretty much year round,” Dittmar said. “During the summer months, they’ll usually come in a little closer to the coast to feed, so there’s increased opportunities to see them from the beach and also from vessels.”

Correction: We incorrectly identified Jen Dittmar as Jennifer Reardon in an earlier version of this story. We apologize for our error. 


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