BALTIMORE (WJZ) — As Baltimore City rebuilds after ransomware attacks, Gov. Hogan signed an executive order to boost Maryland’s cybersecurity policies.

By doing so, a new high-profile job is created for Director of Statewide Security, John Evans. Evans is the last Maryland Chief Information Security Officer, who will head security management in the state’s IT department.

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“What’s really innovative about this executive order is that it also created a cybersecurity council that’s been made up of governors, secretary cabinet individuals, and I really think that shows Gov. Hogan’s commitment,” Evans said.

Weeks ago, hackers seized parts of the computer systems that run Baltimore’s government. The city has been tight-lipped about the attack, citing an FBI investigation. Experts believe it could take months to get the technology back online.

Evans said Baltimore initially rejected help from the State, but he’s optimistic his work with the state will benefit the city sooner rather than later.

“I can say there has been significant momentum established recently in working with the local cities, municipalities, counties, and we’re very much looking forward to continuing that momentum moving forward.”

Evans will also direct the Maryland Cybersecurity Coordinating Council, which will meet every quarter under Gov. Hogan’s order. State secretaries will send reps to talk about security and consult with outside specialists.


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