BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A college student was murdered, allegedly at the hands of a pretend Uber driver, this spring. Samantha Josephson’s story may just change the law of the land.

Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin is among several senators who have introduced new legislation to tighten up safety measures on rideshare services.

“This bill would provide protection for ridesharers. It would require those that have rideshare vehicles to have two [license plates], a front and a back. To have a barcode so you know it’s the right car. To have illuminated signs so you know you’re walking into an uber or a rideshare vehicle,” Sen. Cardin said.

University of South Carolina student Samantha Josephson mistakenly got into the wrong car after ordering an Uber ride this spring. Her body was found 70 miles away.

Sami’s Law would also require a study on assaults and abuse by both riders and drivers, an issue that touched Baltimore earlier this month when an Uber driver in Baltimore County was charged with raping a 25-year-old passenger.

“I think ridesharing is here to stay. It’s part of our economy, it makes sense, but I want to make sure we do everything for safety,” Sen. Cardin said.

Similar bipartisan bills have already been signed into law in some states, but now may soon protect riders nationwide.

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  1. It’s not up to the federal government to tell any state how many license plates they need on a car regardless of the reason. States like Pennsylvania are a one plate state and they aren’t going to issue you a second one because you want to drive for uber.

  2. If someone impersonates a police officer, is your solution to further regulate police officers, or do you punish the law breakers?

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