By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Overnight rain, a warm front moving by, has now ushered August into the Mid-Atlantic. I have mentioned to you that, daily, I write a quick note to the folks producing the later newscasts, the “bullet points” of the forecast, so we are all on the same weather information page. I just sent that note and did a quick “copy and paste” for you. Here is what I sent:


*Hot and humid today

*And tomorrow

*And the next day

*And Summer is here.



Ya’ll know I am a Summer person so this weather is in my wheelhouse. Still, though, it does take some mental adjusting. If there is one negative, even for me, it will come at the end of the week when we add potential poor air quality to the mix. We won’t stir that air out until later in the weekend. Stay hydrated, dress for the weather not for impressive fashion, and enjoy those warm beautiful evenings when, out of the glare of the sun, time slows and life is in a very warm way chilled.



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