BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Three years after granting the West Baltimore community over $1 million, one of the world’s largest investment companies will be granting Charm City once again.

The T. Rowe Price Foundation is giving a $2.7 million grant to the City for a four-year program focusing on art, education and human services.

“All we have seen is beauty grit and grace by the folks in Baltimore”, John Brothers of T Rowe Price says. “A lot of folks are positive about their city, of course acknowledging the challenges that we have but certainly also saying is a city that has a lot of great, wonderful assets.”

This grant doubles their 2016 contribution to West Baltimore and it serves not only as a strong investment to a city that’s seen over 150 murders before the start of July but believe this will change the direction of the violent mindset.

One of the initiatives is a grant offering neighborhood financial trusts. It’s designed to reduce debt and increase credit scores for residents in the City that once ranked last in credit management.

$975,000 will be split among arts every day, the Arts Education Maryland Schools Alliance and Baltimore Corps– an investment Julia Dibussolo with Arts Every Day said is a rare opportunity in a growing industry.

“This grant makes a really big investment in supporting that expansion of arts access in our school district,” Dibussolo said.

Now, it’s up to Baltimore to take advantage of its assets and Brothers couldn’t agree more.

“What we’re trying to do is further realize those assets and knock down barriers that prevent Baltimore from fully realizing its best self,” Brothers said.

The organization said if this work is successful, it can build long term strategies and momentum for the future.

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  1. Watch them close that is does not wind up in the WRONG pockets … They have a history of doing just that or FUNDS earmarked for something else, AKA casino and lottery money for education and schools used somewhere else and NEVER replaced BIG PROBLEM with the democratic leaders of this city. The governor had to step in and place legislature in effect to stop that from happening again, it bares watching…WE have not forgotten DEMOCRATS…

  2. Thanks T. Rowe Price for the grant, GOD knows the city can use something positive with being one of the LOWEST poverty level city’s in the nation all at the hands of the failed leadership and corruption from the democrats! That’s a fact look it up…Along with just take a look at the demise of this city.

  3. Tickedoff Person says:

    T. Rowe… of the original OWNERS of city hall. T.Rowe needs a tax write off. The machine made money they can’t hide. Why not give it to themselves in the form of a tax write off. No different as being a landlord that installs a new roof on the rental property. They get a new roof on their investment and they write off the roof as a business expense. Well they are just one OWNER of the city. it’s an investment into themselves. The media can sell a dog turd and tell you how wonderful it is and someone will buy it. T. Rowe wants the westside of the city. It’s a current dead zone that is imploding on itself. All the killings and rat hole properties will be torn down or just fall down due to neglect. The owned puppet at city hall, when the day comes, will gladly turn over the keys just like they gave the eastside to Hopkins. Block after block will burn down on the westside. It’s already started. It’s the Baltimore way. The animals will radiate out into the surrounding counties Clean slate WAKE UP PEOPLE

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