BALTIMORE (WJZ) — From Baltimore to Washington D.C. in 15 minutes, that’s the speed of the Maglev train. The proposed route through Maryland would bring more than convenience, it would mean more jobs.

The NAACP announced a new partnership with the SCMaglev project on Friday.

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“It was an incredible experience, even more impressive than I expected it to be,” Gov. Larry Hogan said. “Seeing is believing.”

The Maglev train travels 313 miles per hour with no tracks or wheels. Instead, cooled magnets levitate the train.

“This project will generate over, for a diverse group of firms,” Jacqueline Allsup, President of AACO NAACP, said.

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The State’s trade unions have already partnered with SCMaglev. Now, the NAACP has joined forces to begin work on education outreach and training for those 70,000 jobs that may soon be filled.

“Not only will we work with Maglev, but we’ll also worth the community,” Kobi Little, President of Baltimore City NAACP, said.

The project is still awaiting the results of the State’s environmental impact report, but Friday was about Maglev has the possibility to create an opportunity for thousands of Marylanders.

“This project has the opportunity to be a ticket to the middle class for many people,” a spokesman said.

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The NAACP is planning a number of town hall meetings across the State to get people’s input on the partnership and what they hope it means for Maryland.