BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A water main break and an underground collapse have closed major streets and have disrupted light rail services in downtown Baltimore.

City Officials are asking commuters to avoid Pratt Street and to allow extra time traveling through the downtown area.

“We will continue to proceed to stabilize the area with the goal of restoring some kind of normal service eventually in terms of traffic flow,” David McMillian, Emergency Management Director, said.

The problem started after a 12-inch water main break on Monday, and a separate incident where the ground around a manhole collapsed, trapping a worker.

“I started my day on Long Island,” Russel Bubba, of Baltimore, said. “I drove through New York City and this is worse.”

City Crews used radar to look for areas where the ground collapsed underneath Howard Street in downtown Baltimore.

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A worker was trapped underground on Monday while working on electrical equipment and had to be hospitalized.

“They’re continuing to put fill into the current void related to the manhole vault collapse with the goal of clearing up the area,” McMillan said.

The City is still investigating the cause of the underground Howard Street collapse and the relationship between heavy rains and a water main break that flooded a service area around M&T Bank Stadium, caused a train derailment and pushed sediment into the Inner Harbor.

“We turned off the valve that controlled the main and we’re capping that off,” McMillan said.

The light rail is still shut down from Camden Yards to North Ave. which is forcing some people to find a new way to get around.

“Took me half an hour to go a mile and half,” Bubba said. “So year it took a long time. I just walked half a mile over to Camden Yards.”

Officials said that they plan to reopen certain lanes at a time, but they are warning commuters that this will take several weeks to repair.

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  1. More fallout from the democratic leaders of this city! The ongoing demise of our infrastructure around this city is catching up to them. You can only put this stuff off for so long till it implodes and you have what we are seeing more and more of and now this! AGAIN obvious continual failures by the long time democratic rule of this city…Everyone knows full well the condition of our infrastructure has been in question and they have been warned about for years. It’s only going to get worse and you can lay it in the laps of the democratic leaders. Watch and see!! Look at the deplorable condition all of our bridges, roads, water main ruptures and frequent underground fires around this city! Can you imagine what we don’t know about yet and you can count on the problems are there and brewing. But count and wait for the democratic rhetoric and excuses it’s coming, that’s what they do!

  2. OH BOY!! Traffic should be a delight! They just got done with that long mess of the Poe huge water main break a week ago. SMH…

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