By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday was about as foul as rainstorms, not of a tropical nature, can be. We took a hit on the chin, but the problems/issues in the District were large by any standard. I always mention that location is the key to breaking weather. Where it hits and where it does not. As proof of that, a shift of just 30 miles East would have brought the HUGE moisture plume that drilled Washington right over Charm City. All in the past now though.

And now we begin a run of calm Summer weather. With the exception of some thunderstorms late in the day on Thursday, it is Sun and temps right about 90°. An increase in humidity for sure but that is just a part of the Summer turf.

Simple as that. Make sure to enjoy these mornings, and evenings, out of the glare of the sun,..those times when the weather is really comfortable. AND REAL NICE!



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