BALTIMORE (WJZ) — We all remember when we were kids in school, and the moment that June dismissal bell rang, it was summer mode.

That also meant that some of us would forget everything we learned.

Loyola University is hosting the Summer Slide Program, a scholars program, to help prevent children from forgetting what they learned over the school year.

“Think of it like exercise,” Literacy Division Director Kristina Collins said. “If you go hard in the gym and you’re pumping iron, and you’re doing your thing nine months straight, you’re feeling great. Imagine stopping for three months. You’re definitely going to feel it physically. It’s the same thing with that literacy development.”

Makedah and Nakirah Simsel are learning a lot in the program.

“I learned how to read quicker and clearer than I did before,” Makedah Simsel said.

“I was excited to come back and learn new things and meet new people,” Nakirah Simsel said.

If you would like to sign your child up for the program, it runs through July 31, and it only costs $30.


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