BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A 19-year-old Morgan State University sophomore found shot to death in a car near his off-campus apartment was killed during what investigators believe was a robbery gone wrong.

Detectives said they think two people were trying to rob the victim, Manuel Luis, when he was shot. Investigators called it a crime of opportunity that escalated into tragedy.

Baltimore police responded to the scene around 4:50 a.m., which investigators said was hours after the shooting. No one had called 911.

Luis’ silver Acura was found just outside the security gates protecting the Morgan View Apartments student housing in the 4700 block of Loch Raven Boulevard. It had at least three bullet holes in the doors and the front window.

Police said Luis had several gunshot wounds in his upper body. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

MSU student Shree Realer recalled hearing gunshots around the time police believe Luis was shot.

“It happened at 2:22 a.m., actually, because I remember looking at the clock right after it happened,” Realer said. “It was like one gunshot and then you heard four more straight afterwards.”

The university said Luis was a business major from the Earl G. Graves School of Business and Management.

In a statement, university officials said:

At approximately, 4:45 am in the early morning hours off-campus, Manuel became a tragic victim to senseless gun violence.

The Baltimore Police Department is currently leading the investigation into his death and has classified it as a homicide. There are no further details at this time.

As a community, the Morgan family collectively extends our deepest sympathies and sincere condolences to the Luis family. We ask that you keep them and their extended family and friends in prayer. In moments of despair, we come together and reaffirm our familial ties and bonds as Morganites. Please be reminded that counselors in the University Counseling Center are always available for those in need of assistance. The Center accepts walk-ins and calls at 443-885-3130.

Tributes to Luis poured in on Twitter, with those who knew him calling him “a young man who had a great soul” and said he could smile through anything.

Luis was also a member of the university’s freshman class student government association. That group posted a photo of him on Twitter saying, “Heaven has gained an angel.”

Courtesy: Morgan State University Freshman Class Student Government Association

The shooting happened in the street, and not on the Morgan View Apartments property.

Both sides of the road were shut down as Homicide Detectives investigated. Baltimore City Police and Morgan State Police reported to the scene.

Police are asking anyone who may have heard or seen the shooting to contact them.

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  1. Tickedoff Person says:

    That upscale area???? Hard to believe

  2. Thank you Mayor Jack Young, Commissioner Harrison, and the rest of the USELESS DEMOCRATS running this city! It is a disgusting pit of violence all happening under your watch with your TOTAL lack of leadership to turn this city around and stop the violence!! You ALL continue to let down the citizens of this city with your broken promises and continual rhetoric along with you very useless ways of fighting the violent crime and murders in this city!! This city will never turn around as long as these people are in office you can bet on it!! Can’t wait to see what they will pull out of their USELESS bag of tricks next!! Getting to the point we can’t even leave our homes for fear of being shot and killed, and you have the NERVE Mayor to seek reelection! UNELIEVEABLE!!!!

  3. The democrats have done this to our city, for sure they are to blame they have been in charge and have been calling all the shots for years!! What you see and we are experiencing is the end product with years of democratic corruption along with mismanagement of city hall coupled with the inability to find the correct person to lead our police department!! Voting these people in makes “YOU” part of the problem!! Take you blinders off take a good look around as who allowed the demise of our city.. There is NO denying it!!!

  4. import 3rd world people, get 3rd world problems :shrug:

  5. You must be so proud of yourself Mayor and Commissioner Harrison all the fine work you and the rest of the leaders up in city hall are NOT doing to protect our citizens. ANOTHER youth doing everything right but cut down in his prime in YOUR ARMED GANSTER HOODRAT FILLED CITY! You have shown us that you cannot do anything about the ARMED HOODRATS who OWN and RULE your streets. NO ACCOUNTABILITY FOR THE DEMOCRATIC LEADERS OF THIS City!! Sitting quietly hiding behind their high security doors with armed security staff to protect THEM, safe and sound they are, while we are left to fend for ourselves in YOUR violent MUREROUS streets of YOUR CITY!! WE know now your police department CANNOT protect us AT ALL! ZERO RESULTS from the leaders of this city keeping it’s citizens safe! You ALL have FAILED at every turn!!!!

    1. Jim Quimby says:

      You’re 100% right! Just try to get a gun permit to protect yourself and see how far you get. An honest citizen doesn’t have chance in Baltimore!

  6. There should be such an OUTCRY from the citizens of this city that is brings down the house and they hear us in our own state capital and onto Washington!! Our youths and citizens are being slaughtered right before our eyes every single day and these democratic leaders are USELESS to do anything about it! Guess the next step would have to be curfews or marshal law, they sure as hell need to do something drastic!! IT IS THAT OUT OF CONTROL!!!

    1. You seem to have a lot of complaints, but you have yet to offer any solutions. Simply replacing one political party with another will not make a significant change. Offer a tangible solution or just be quiet.

      1. NO I will not NEVER be SILENT It’s NOT my job to find the solution!! I’m not being paid $300,000 a year! YOU NUTS?? There is a lot of complaints to have, OBVIOUSLY your part of the problem…Fresh ideas, anything is better then what we have! TRUTH HURT??? Move on fool!!!

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