BALTIMORE (WJZ) — As temperatures rise this week, so does the risk of heat-related illness.

“Change of confusion, change of mental status, aren’t drinking anymore. That’s related to heat exhaustion and heat stroke,” said Dr. Neil Roy with Sinai Hospital

Maryland has already had four deaths caused by the heat and with the possibility of triple-digit temperatures by the weekend, doctors worry there could be more.

Two More Heat-Related Deaths Reported In Maryland This Week, Bringing 2019 Total To Four

“Especially when you have a large number of children, elderly people outside. People that actually have to work out there you worry a lot more about it,” Dr. Roy said.

But no matter how high Mother Nature cranks the thermostat, some people have no choice but to work outside.

“Regardless of the weather conditions, members of the fire department, they have to go in extreme heat and extreme cold,” said Blair Adams, with Baltimore City Fire.

And they’re going out in full turn-out gear.

“Just to make sure that we stay safe in order to provide the services to the citizens,” Adams said.

To prevent dehydration and overheating, firefighters are sure to drink plenty of water and use cooling towels. Tips that everyone can follow.

“Get somewhere cool, drink some water, wear loose clothing. Ideally, don’t wear dark colors. Make sure you don’t leave pets and children in the car that’s the big gist of it,” Dr. Roy said.

As we continue through the week, and with no reprieve from the heat in sight. Dr. Roy said it’s important to plan ahead. Make sure you have water bottles ready to go. Hydrate in advance.

Sean Streicher


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