BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Last summer, PETA released billboards in Baltimore urging people to stop eating crabs.

The billboards had the image of a blue crab and read, “I’m ME, not MEAT.”

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When the billboards were launched by PETA, Jimmy’s Famous Seafood fired back with a billboard of its own and series of tweets directed at PETA.

“Good morning, @peta!” one tweet said with an image of a pile of freshly steamed crabs.

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A year later, Jimmy’s Famous Seafood is celebrating the moment with a refreshing new locally brewed lager called – PETA Tears!

The lager is a limited time release and is, “paired perfectly with steamed crabs.”

“Turns out that their tears are in fact quite delicious!” Jimmy’s Famous Seafood said in a Facebook post.

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A launch party will be held Wednesday, July 24. Part of the proceeds will go to Show Your Soft Side.