BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The victim in the shooting inside of a Baltimore methadone clinic was laid to rest on Saturday.

David Caldwell, 52, was shot and killed Monday morning inside the Man Alive clinic on Maryland Ave. and West 21st Street.

Family Of Man Murdered In Baltimore Clinic Shooting Says He Had Safety Concerns

Family and friends remembered Caldwell for his big heart and service to the community.

“He was killed when he was trying to help people who were trying to better themselves,” Caldwell’s niece, Stephanie Weigman, said. “It’s really hard to take in because it takes a special person to work in a clinic like that.”

Saturday afternoon, those closest to Caldwell said their final goodbyes at the Hubbard Funeral Home.

Weigman told WJZ that he worked for several months as a phlebotomist and expressed safety concerns in the past.

“We knew he was concerned about his safety around the area and did want to find closer parking so that he wasn’t walking through the dangerous areas during the early morning hours before it’s light out and then after work,” she said.

His sister told WJZ he had a love for animals and was caring for several adopted and foster dogs.

Two other people were injured in the shooting, including Baltimore Police Sergeant Bill Shiflett.

Commissioner Michael Harrison said the investigation is still ongoing and that detectives are reviewing the body camera footage from the incident.

Kelsey Kushner