BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Maryland SPCA celebrated its 150th anniversary this year.

During its 150th anniversary year, the Maryland SPCA turned its attention to one of its buildings that is even older.

One of the Maryland SPCA’s buildings is 160-years-old and is set to be renovated.

“It’s everything,” Jim Peirce, of the Maryland SPCA said. “Right now, what we’re focusing on, is bringing it up to code.”

The plans are in place and the workers have arrived. Now, the backstage part of the Maryland SPCA is being pulled into modern times.

“To get it from the state it’s in now to accessibility, efficiency, code compliance, with the public spaces that are inviting, staff spaces that are going to give them the ability to focus 100 percent, it’s just mind-blowing,” Barb Simmons, a Board Member of the Maryland SPCA, said.

This is a $1.2 million project, and it’s almost paid for.

“Right now we have outgrown the space,” Peirce said. “I, for example, don’t have an office, I roam around. So we’re looking towards the future and what we need for the organization.”

The Maryland SPCA finds homes for 3,500 animals each year, and they said that number will likely rise in the coming years.

They’re going to have the project done in 90 days. By the end of October and when renovated, it will be available for space rentals.


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