BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s been nearly two weeks since a massive sinkhole collapsed in downtown Baltimore.

Slowly but surely, however, relief is on the way for anyone who drives through downtown as progress is being made to make repairs.


The sinkhole collapse shut down several roads, including sections of Howard and Pratt Streets, along with several stops on the light rail.

The construction has caused headaches for commuters like Bonita Stanton.

“Fix the light rail so we can get back to work and leave the house at a normal time so we don’t have to get up so early,” Stanton said. “We are tired of this walk, it’s too hot.”

At a press conference with the Board of Public Works, State Comptroller Peter Franchot called the light rail service critical to the City of Baltimore.

“Obviously everyone is on edge,” he said. “This sinkhole is the granddaddy of all potholes up in the city. That is obviously going to continue to impact mass transit.”

On Wednesday night, the Department of Public Works sent out a tweet saying that the stormwater bypass has been removed from the Pratt and Howard Street worksite.

“Finalizing plans with the Baltimore City Department of Transportation for limited road openings in the area,” the Department of Public Works tweeted.

Some say they just want the work to come to an end.

“I’m more than frustrated, I’m beyond frustrated, I’m overwhelmed,” Stanton said.

There’s still no word yet on any official decisions as to what roads could re-open. Officials are warning people that the repairs could take weeks to complete.

Kelsey Kushner


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