BALTIMORE (WJZ) — What was supposed to be a pleasant visit to Baltimore for an 11-year-old boy from France turned out to be a nightmare when he suffered a gruesome injury while playing basketball with his family.

Gwen Sezeur was chasing after a ball over a fence last week when the ring on his finger got stuck and popped, an injury known as ring avulsion.

Now he’s at the Union Memorial Hand Clinic where doctors are helping him save that finger.

“He wasn’t even crying. He was so desperate so I told him we need to get his passport so we can go to the hospital,” his cousin Linda recalled.

Bleeding and at risk of losing the finger, the race was on to save it. While many hospitals would suggest amputation, Union Memorial’s Hand Clinic is trying to avoid that.

Passport in one hand and desperation in the other, Sezeur rode to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.

“It gets pulled and as it gets pulled, it disrupts the tissue in the finger in a sequential fashion and can ultimately end up in a complete amputation of the finger,” said Dr. Ryan Katz, a surgeon with the Curtis National Hand Center.

Fortunately for Sezeur, the tendons were still in tact. His doctors were able to save his finder with microscopic surgery and by inserting small arteries to regain function.

“I think the surgery went pretty well because now his reaction is way different.”

Doctors said youth and good fortune were on his side.

“This kid is so lucky that he was visiting Baltimore because there’s a premier hand center here in Baltimore.”

Comedian Jimmy Fallon suffered the same kind of injury several years ago.

Dr. Katz said those who play sports should consider wearing rubber or silicone rings to avoid ring avulsion.

Even though the injury just happened last week, Katz said Sezeur should make a full recovery in just a few months.

Note: There are graphic images in the video; viewer discretion is advised.


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