BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Maryland 7th congressional district stretches from Northeast Baltimore, around the city, into Howard County and north into Baltimore County. However, President Donald Trump’s focus this weekend seemed to be on Baltimore City.

Many of Rep. Elijah Cumming’s constituents said this weekend’s Twitter tirade paints an incomplete picture, though some added they agree parts of the city need to be cleaned up.

“It’s obvious he does not think before he speaks,” said west Baltimore resident Leon Smith-Bey.

Smith-Bey and others raise money on Fulton Avenue for the Black Wolves Youth Scout Camp.

“His statements come from a trivial mind,” said Smith-Bey. “It is as if a rat complained about rats,” He said.


“He’s acting like a child tweeting,” said Carolyn Deloatch, another West Baltimore resident.

“Homes, abandoned, but what you don’t see is the work people put in around here everyday,” said Jamal Johnson, of west Baltimore.

“I agree with what he’s saying,” said west Baltimore resident Mark Blair. “He’s saying Baltimore needs to be cleaned up.”

Blair added he hopes the war of words leads to action.

“They need to come in and do something and not worry about who’s coming in to the country,” he said.

East Baltimorean Harry Clark grew up surrounded by the poverty, trash and crime. Despite that, he said the president’s words felt personal.

“You’re not just coming back at Elijah Cummings, you’re coming back at the city,” Clark said. “Yes, it’s rat-infested, but if you’re not going to actually do anything about it, then you should just leave it alone.”

Many in this area said it’s the president’s problem as much as the congressman’s.

“Instead of him criticizing or whatever, why doesn’t he come to Baltimore and visit? Come here and visit and see what’s going on. See what needs to be done,” said Carolyn Deloatch, of west Baltimore.

“To blame one particular human being for a community at large takes away the responsibility from the community,” Bey-Smith said. “The community is responsible for the community.”

Cumming’s district is not just Baltimore, however. It represents 700,000 people in the city and Baltimore and Howard counties.

“It’s as much as our work as anybody else’s. Elijah can’t take all that blame. I know that for sure,” Johnson said.

There is plenty of blame to go around, and residents hope tweets translate to action.

“That status quo mentality has got to end,” said Mosiah Fit, another west Baltimore resident. “Baltimore has been in a status quo state for too many years, too long,”

“I don’t want them to be talked about. I want them to be dealt with. I want action to be taken. Enough of the rhetoric. Enough of the talk,” Broxton said.

Kelsey Kushner


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