BALTIMORE (WJZ) — For the fourth day in a row, President Donald Trump is talking about Baltimore.

A big question: What are Baltimoreans saying about President Trump’s tweets? WJZ went to Hampden, Penn and North, and downtown to talk to locals. The reaction is widespread about President Trump’s views.

“I think that his act was just cowardly,” Shirley Stitt, of Baltimore, said.

Baltimore is talking about President Trump’s recent comments.

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“It has its bad spots, you know its crime, but so does every major city,” Alex Doucette, of Baltimore, said. “But you can’t just target Baltimore and give it a bad name because you’re ignorant.”

“I feel like he should come down here and help us,” Ryan Cox, of Baltimore, said. “If he has something to say and criticize our city, come down here and help us.”

WJZ’s Ava-joye Burnett: “Would you like to see the president in Baltimore“?

Kellie Champ: “No. He’s not coming here for a reason, he doesn’t need to come. He doesn’t have to come, we don’t want him here anyway.”

WJZ also spoke with a Baltimore Democrat who voted for President Trump.

“Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words don’t ever hurt you,” Hassan Giordano, of Baltimore, said.

WJZ’s Ava-joye Burnett: “For the fourth day in a row, the president is talking about Baltimore. One of his quotes, he said, “Those people are living in hell in Baltimore. As someone who voted for the president with your reaction”?

Giordano: “We are. Have you lived in the 7th congressional district? I mean you walk outside your house you’re likely to get shot, robbed I mean, anything. One of my neighbors just got robbed the other night. It’s not like we’re living in some fairytale. We know what we’re suffering through in the city of Baltimore and it honestly, to be quite honest that’s not because of Elijah Cummings or Donald Trump. It’s because of the systemic issues from Democratic establishment for the past 50 years.”

WJZ’s Ava-joye Burnett: “Is that something that the President failed to acknowledge, that it’s not just on one person”?

Giordano: “Well yeah you can’t put everything at the feet of Elijah Cummings.”

Giordano added the President’s tweets are a distraction. He said both the president and local officials need to work on the problems that are affecting Baltimore.

Ava-joye Burnett


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